Refund Policy

Our Service Department can be contacted on 0860 100 2582 or
Returns will only be accepted once contact has been initiated and a course of action determined.
Faulty products within the warranty period can be returned at our cost, for repair and if unsuccessful, replacement.

Should a purchased product not operate as intended or be classified faulty within 14 days from receipt, Stingray will cover collection and redelivery costs of your item. This does not cover wilful neglect and failure to follow instructions i.e., use of a professionally installed where stipulated.
After 14 days but still within the warranty period, should you wish to return your product, delivery costs will be for your account.

If the product is faulty Stingray will repair or replace the item and redeliver the item at Stingray’s cost – as fast as possible. Should Stingray be unable to repair or replace, you will be refunded the initial cost if the item in question as per your invoice.

Goods delivered that are unwanted may be returned for a refund within 5 business days from date of delivery.  All returned goods must be returned in their original packaging (undamaged), and unopened. These goods will be subject to a 25% handling charge.
Delivery costs will in no way be refunded.  The costs of returning unwanted goods will not be for Stingray’s account.